Everyone who knows about the work of God has the opportunity to glorify His name by telling others about his great deeds. Those who experience his grace are expected to respond in a way that brings glory to His name and to the kingdom to which we are rescued. Those who are truly repentant will recognize that God’s grace is greater than their sinful rebellion, so they look to him, to trust Him, period. We come to know through the ongoing work of God in our lives, that by trusting God, His wisdom, power, and grace create a sure rock, a solid foundation for our faith.


How do we apply the lessons of God’s judgment on alliances with Egypt to our daily lives? What are some common trials that you have faced (medical issues, marriage problems, parenting problems, financial crises)? In those moments, did you trust God or did you “make an alliance with Egypt?” What does it look like to trust in something other than God for the decisions we have to make or the problems we have to face? How would you define an idol? Consider some examples of modern day idols. How do we throw those idols away? What needs to change in your life so that you are no longer trusting in something other than God?