As believers we should live boldly free from materialism in this present evil age. We are to be generous with our money, storing up treasures in heaven. We are to be suspicious of our fleshly desire to own the next new electronic device. It is entrusted to us to see Satan’s hidden presence behind the economic ebbs and flows of human history and to understand that God will judge it finally in the end. It is for us to understand how to use the good gifts of God while not becoming addicted to them. It is our responsibility to battle the lie of materialism as we take the gospel that frees us from it to the nations.


Why do you think God is so zealous to destroy a place like Tyre with its busy trade and prosperous markets? How does Tyre represent human pride? How does it represent materialism and ultimately idolatry? What does Isaiah 23 teach us about human nature, human desires, human pleasures, and human pride? What does it teach us about God and His power, His plans, and His purposes? How does Ezekiel 28 expose the true “king of Tyre” in the same way that Isaiah 14 exposes the true “king of Babylon”? How does Satan manipulate the world economy to suit his wicked purposes? How is Isaiah 23 a warning to Christians about the consumerism that threatens to dominate our lifestyles? How do we as Christians combat the spirit of Tyre in our hearts? How should the idolatry of materialism affect our strategy for taking the gospel to the nations?