The Bible promises that there will come a day when everything will be made new. All of our past failures will be forever behind us. All of our struggles in this life will be over. Where we have been treated unjustly, we will be vindicated. Justice and righteousness will prevail throughout the universe—no more crying, no more sorrow, no more despair. In the meantime, we would do well to remember that regardless of what happens in this life, God still loves us.


How is it helpful to look back at what God has done in order to gain hope for the future? How should the idea of seeing God’s past work shape our view of the bible and motivate our desire to read it? How would the fact that God raised up a nation from Abraham and Sarah (both her were beyond the normal age for having children) be an encouragement to the Jewish audience of Isaiah’s day? How is it an encouragement to us? Why do you think God chose to use such strong imperatives (listen, look, awake) to speak so decisively to His people in that moment? How does God speak of the future of Israel’s tormenters, and how should that encourage the church today