Jesus says that there is the possibility of living with a false sense of salvation. This self-salvation
(which is no salvation) is marked by the things we have covered tonight, pride, mocking of God’s
Word, trusting in worldly systems, all while saying and in some cases sincerely believing that we
are right with God. But Jesus is the cornerstone. Christ is our foundation. As we trust in Him, we
build our lives on solid ground, lives that are able not only to withstand the difficulties of life but
lives that are able to advance the gospel and the kingdom in spite of and in the midst of them.


How does the drunkenness of Israel stand as a timeless warning to a wealthy person, church, or
nation of the dangers of overindulgence in the blessings of God? How is Israel’s “fading crown” a
warning of the fleeting nature of all human achievement? How is God a “crown of glory” to all
true believers in Christ? What does the mocking of the Word of God look like in our day? Is it just
the culture that mocks, or are there elements of the institutional church that does the same?
What are some ways that we might try to make a covenant with death? Read Romans 9:30-33,
Romans 10:9-13, and 1 Peter 2:6-8. In light of these verses, what does Isaiah 28:16 teach us about