Parkview Theology & Doxology Class

“Doctrine leads to worship, worship leads to mission”


Theology & Doxology is a 6-week class that immerses participants into a deep discipleship program in the context of the local church. This program’s curriculum seeks to equip believers in three areas of discipleship – Christian Story, Christian Belief, and Christian Formation. By weaving together these three elements into a holistic approach to discipleship, men and women have the opportunity to grow in their love for God, Scripture, and His mission. Class sessions are comprised of lecture, table discussions, and formative exercises.


Parkview’s Theology & Doxology Class is built around three fundamental aspects of Christian discipleship: Christian Story, Christian Belief, and Christian Formation. During the program, we’ll spend a significant amount of time in Scripture examining the God who came to establish His kingdom. We will also study the doctrines believers have held to throughout the history of the church and we will consider together how our participation in the Christian story invites us into a life of worship and mission.


Christian Story

The most fundamental and important claim in Christian theology is that God has made Himself known in Scripture. We’ll spend significant time trying to come to a greater understanding of who God is and what He has done to reconcile the world to Himself in the person and work of Jesus Christ. Additionally, we will compare how the Christian story is fundamentally different from any other story our culture tells and we will consider how disciples of Jesus are called to live into the Christian Story.


Christian Belief

All Christian belief and theology is rooted in what is revealed in Scripture. As the class moves through the Bible, significant time will be spent teaching and articulating the major doctrines of the Christian faith and we will see that doctrine, insofar as it is rooted in the Christian Story, is foundational for all disciples of Jesus Christ.


Christian Formation

A major component of this class is considering how Christian Story and Christian Belief function to shape and form us into the kind of people who live in the world according to the way of Jesus Christ. In this class we hope to form people into servants, worshipers, members, and disciple-makers who are fluent in the gospel.


Participants will be encouraged to formulate and develop their thinking about Christian Story, Christian Belief, and Christian Formation through lectures, table discussions, reading, writing, and formation exercises. This class is meant to be an active learning environment.

Basic Schedule

October 1 - November 5 | Sundays 4:00-6:00pm



“So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.” (1 Corinthians 13:13). Disciples of Jesus are called to be marked by their love for God and their love for neighbor. Participants are going to be called to make progress in their walk with Christ, and to also demonstrate a posture of love towards God and one another. Discipleship is never an individual task, but by definition is community oriented. While communal discipleship presents many challenges it also presents many opportunities for us to be charitable with one another. A charitable and loving spirit is required of all participants.



Attendance at every class session is expected to get the most out of this class.



One of the primary goals of this class is to encourage and instigate thoughtful participation in lectures, discussions, and assignments. The more you are willing to participate and be vulnerable through discussion and exercises the more you will benefit from the class.


Table Discussion

This class will regularly pause for the purpose of table led discussion. Sometimes these discussions will be organized and other times you will be asked to sustain theological conversation on your own. Regular theological articulation and conversation is a requirement of all participants.


Disciple Others

Participants are expected to multiply themselves through discipling and training others. Christian discipleship never terminates on itself, it always produces and multiplies more followers of Jesus Christ. Be prepared, throughout the semester, to answer the question, “What are you learning, and who are you teaching it to?” The highest form of learning is demonstrating the ability to teach somebody else the material.



Participants will read selected chapters from “Do You Believe?” by Paul David Tripp over the course of the 6 weeks in addition to regular Scripture reading. Participants are expected to keep up with the weekly reading schedule.


Other recommended reading:

  • In His Image – Jen Wilkin
  • Theology of the Church – Danny Akin
  • Gentle and Lowly – Dane Ortlund
  • You Are a Theologian - Jen Wilkin & J.T. English


  • Scripture Memory: Each participant will memorize selected passages of the Bible during the 6-week class.
  • Testimony: Each participant will write out their own personal testimony in preparation for being able to share it with someone else.
  • Doctrinal Statements: Each participant will be asked to write a brief summary statement for each doctrine that is covered.

There might be other assignments throughout the 6-week class.


Topics Discussed

Over the 6 weeks we will cover the following doctrinal topics:

  • Doctrine of the Image of God in Man
  • Doctrine of Sin
  • Doctrine of Justification
  • Doctrine of Sanctification
  • Doctrine of the Perseverance and Glorification of the Saints
  • Doctrine of Eternity

Typical Class Layout

A typical class will follow the following pattern:

  • Table Discussion to talk through prework reading (things that challenged you…questions you might have)
  • Pastoral Overview of specific doctrine in lecture format
  • Application of doctrine in pastoral panel discussion (interaction with participants will be expected)
  • Table Discussion
  • Closing Song