Revelation: The Promise of Glory

Revelation: The Promise of Glory

Few subjects about religion spark greater interest than a discussion about the end of the world as we know it. Believers and non-believers alike are fascinated by the idea that our world might come to an end. Hollywood has certainly capitalized on this obsession, producing end-times movies that cover everything from asteroids smashing into the earth to zombie inducing plague-like diseases.

The End of the Beginning

All Things Made New

The Reign of the Lamb

Hallelujah Choruses

Strong is the Lord who Judges

The Dangers of Worldly Seduction

Christ the Judge, and the Judged

Worship in the Midst of Wrath

Worship as an Act of Defiance

An Unholy Triumvirate

Obedience from a Posture of Victory

The Kingdom of Christ

Victory through Proclamation

The Truth About Us

Sovereignty and Salvation

Sovereignty and Suffering

The Last Days

The Purpose for Glimpses of Glory

The Glory of the Triune God

A Glimpse of Glory

The Lukewarm Church in Laodicea

The Faithful Church in Philadelphia

The Dead Church in Sardis

The Corrupt Church in Thyatira

The Compromising Church in Pergamos

The Persecuted Church at Smyrna

The Loveless Church in Ephesus

Seeing Jesus, Again

The Indescribable Christ

Encouragement for the Church

The Revelation of Jesus Christ

Signs of the Times