Prepare Him Room

Protests are designed to raise objections to what a person or group of people have said or done. For the most part, and certainly with some exceptions, protest groups are usually made up of a relatively small group of people compared to the majority opinion they are protesting. In a way, throughout its history, the church has been the God-ordained protest against ever-changing worldly cultural norms.

God has not left us alone in our protest. He is with us, if we would let Him be. In spite of our dysfunctions, God carries out His work in us and in our families. He uses us in our weaknesses and is faithful to every promise He has ever made. Let’s pray that this Christmas, we make room for Christ in our time spent with family.

Let Christ into Your Routine

Let Christ into Your Life

Let Christ into Your Generosity

Let Christ into Your Uncertainties

Let Christ into Your Family