God will use even the negative consequences of a nation’s political actions to teach us a positive lesson. We just need to learn from our mistakes. We are easily tempted to follow the false messages of proud political leaders, secular materialistic philosophies, and misguided religious leaders, but these things become less attractive when we put them under the scrutiny of divine truth. We need to pay attention to God’s revealed will and follow it. Only when we are willing to learn from these lessons enough to live by them will we ever enjoy a relationship of awe and respect for a holy God that leads us into eternity with Him.

Take some time to read through the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7. Notice that throughout the sermon, Jesus gives His audience a description of two different ways that we can choose to live or lives. Sometimes the choice is obvious. Sometimes, it must be inferred. For instance, when it comes to the disciplines of prayer, fasting, and giving alms, we can do it publicly for our own attention, or we can do it privately for the reward that awaits us in heaven. Compare in particular the wide and narrow paths of Matthew 7:13-14 with the choices for lifestyles given in Isaiah 8. Allow the Holy Spirit to affirm your narrow path when affirmation is warranted, but also, allow Him to convict you where He reveals you may be on the wide path in certain areas of your life.