Whether we are dealing with physical battles or spiritual battles, the Bible assures us that God is in the fight with us. Nothing that happens to us catches Him by surprise. In His sovereignty he orders our steps, and in His providence, He takes the bad and uses it for His purposes and for His glory. We can rest assured that even though we may continue to fight the battles, the war has already been won through the victorious work of Christ and His cross.


How do you distinguish between the sovereignty of God and the providence of God? Take some time to research what these two terms mean. How can these aspects of God’s work in creation be of comfort in times of trouble? How can the enemy use these aspects of God’s work in creation to make us doubtful or angry towards God? How would memorizing Isaiah 41:10 and quoting it often help guard your thoughts in troubled times? How do you see the Holy Spirit’s work in your life? What are the things in your life that rob you of your affections for Christ and cause you to fear or doubt? How can you better focus on the things that stir your affections for Christ so that you can share the gospel with others with confidence