Christ, the Servant, has come to transform the hearts of His people. Christ the Servant, transforms our hearts so that we may proclaim the gospel of God, shouting it form the mountaintops so that all who hear may know who God is, what God has done, and what He will continue to do for those who will place their trust and confidence in Him. We realize our blessing in Christ when we allow God to use us and our transformed hearts and lives to transform our world.


How is the spread of Christ’s kingdom different from the way human empires are built? What is the significance of the title “Servant of the Lord?” How does it describe Jesus? How does it describe His people? What are the two ways we can read verse 3 and what hope does that give for those who are broken-hearted? What does this mean for the church as it seeks to serve its community? Why should worship characterize a healthy Christian life? How should this chapter drive us to personal involvement in missions?