Although all people are important in God’s plans, we were never intended to be the center of our own little universes. God owes us nothing and obligates Himself only as He pleases. Yes, God sent Jesus to save us because He loves us, but we would do well to remember that our salvation is inspired by the same motive for our creation in the first place—the glory of God.

Reflection How does Isaiah 48 reveal God’s patience with His people? How does it reveal our own stubbornness? What does it say God will do about it? Do you believe that God acts for the sake of His glory? If so, what does that mean with regard to the circumstances of your life, the suffering that you sometimes have to endure, or the joy that comes from successes? Hod do God’s predictions of the future serve His redemptive purposes for Israel? What does that have to do with us? What does God tell us beforehand so that when it happens we will know His hand was in it? How does the last verse of Isaiah 48 explain much of the trouble in our modern world? In light of Isaiah 48:22, read Isaiah 5:1 for the remedy. What steps do you need to take this week