Every generation is called to a choice: place their trust in themselves or place their trust in God. Faith requires us to choose a path of utter dependence on God rather than constantly seeking alternatives that may even initially seem more defensible. Instead of relying on alliances, money, status, the political influences or promises of others, or any other human support system, we must simply trust in God’s promises to motivate and empower us, even when things look dark and hopeless. The circumstance may be a health crisis, a personal economic crisis, or a national or international political crisis, but the answer is always the same: trust God.


How does Satan deceive us into thinking we can do better than God when it comes to our future? What are some worldly things that we trust in, often without realizing it? How do we respond when someone points out the possibility that our trust has been misplaced? How can a community of believers help us see our blind spots regarding trusting in the things of the world? How do we extend grace to those who are trapped in idolatry? How do we extend grace to those who point out our trappings? Why is it so important to trust God as we advance His Kingdom? What does pride do to hinder the advancement of the gospel? How does it ultimately affect our mission?