Those who have trusted in Christ have been forgiven, and in that forgiveness, they have been
rescued from the wrath of God. We need to be reminded of just how terrifying it will be for an
unsaved person to stand in judgment before a holy God. This reminder should serve as a catalyst
for urgency in the way we advance the gospel among our friends and family members and in the
way our church participates collectively in the Great Commission as we take this urgent plea for
people to trust in Christ to the nations.


How do the chapters throughout the Bible that warn of God’s coming judgment actually display
God’s grace and patience towards His creation, especially His enemies? How is Edom both a
historical nation and a representative one? Read Malachi 1:2-4, Romans 9:10-13, And Hebrews
12:16. What does Esau/Edom represent throughout the Scriptures? When you read Isaiah 34:9-
10, what image comes to mind? What does God’s scroll represent in verses 16-17? How is it
comforting that God has carefully determined the details of human history and written them in
his book? How do these verses prepare us for the Second Coming of Christ?