God has given us the spiritual disciplines so that we might grow in a grace already received. We
need to resist the temptation to think of the disciplines and piety as tools for earning God’s favor.
Instead, things like fasting are given to us by God to help us live out the great Commandment: to
love Him and to love others. Only when we have the proper view of piety and right perspective
on religious ritual can we expect to enter into the rest that Christ offers.


How does Isaiah 58 challenge us to live in ways that fulfill the Great Commandment to love God
and to love others? How could the discipline of fasting help you in your walk with God? How do
you think fasting helps us make much of Jesus? If you fasted with us during the season of Lent,
did you find that you were more aware of the needs of others, or did the fast just make you more
aware of your own need and desire for food? How would participation in the spiritual disciplines
beyond fasting help you delight more in God and less in yourself? What needs to change in your
everyday routine in order for you to be able to grow in grace through the spiritual disciplines of
fasting, prayer, Bible reading and memorization? If you are not doing these things, why not?