The Great Commission exists so that the maximum number of people possible will experience the salvation of God. No matter how weak, or afraid, or blind they might be, everyone should have the chance to embrace the salvation that God offers through the gospel of Christ. We may have to walk the way of suffering now, but know that Jesus walked that way before us. He walked that way of suffering so that we, one day, might walk the Highway of Holiness. Only those who come to God through Christ (Jesus said, “I am the way!”), those who have been redeemed and ransomed, will experience the joy of the glory of the kingdom.


How does the image of a desert being transformed speak both about our spiritual transformation in Christ and the physical transformation of the universe coming in the new heaven and new earth? How do verses 3-4 give us a clear pattern for the encouragement of the discouraged and weak Christians? How do verses 5-6 speak of the wonder working power of Christ? What images do you think of when you hear “Highway of Holiness?” If the unclean do not walk the highway of holiness, how do we access it? What two words (verses 9-10) are used to describe the people who are able to access the kingdom on the highway of holiness? How should those words impact your desire to obey the Great Commandment and Great Commission