God means for His suffering people to renew their hope every single day. He renews His mercy
and faithfulness towards us by giving us both the promise of a future kingdom and glimpses of
that kingdom now. The promise of the new heaven and earth can sometimes seem overly
futuristic and irrelevant when trying to deal with the pain and suffering of this life, but Jesus
preached as fact that the “Kingdom of heaven was near.” Because of that, we can arise and shine
and give God the glory even in the most trying of times.


What does the presence of the strong commands, “Arise, shine” tell us about the sovereign
power of God in the glory of Zion? What do these commands mean for us today with regard to
the sovereign power of God as He seeks to be glorified in our lives? How are the nations in
darkness now and what is the church’s role in the midst of that darkness? (Hint: read Ephesians
5:8-14.) How is Isaiah’s picture of Zion being made beautiful by the nations fulfilled today as the
church carries out the Great Commission? What is the significance of Zion’s gates being open
continually in verse 11? To whom is the warning of verse 12 and what are the implications for
God’s people who live in such nations?