Christ has come to open our eyes and our ears to the truth of God’s Word. He has come to set us
free from our slavery to sin. He has come to carry the burdens that are forced on us by religious
leaders who are unwilling to carry those burdens themselves. He has come to bring order to our
chaos and peace to our struggle. And to prove that he could make good on this offer, he willingly
laid down his life at the cross only to rise again on the third day. He is the Holy One of Israel and
one day those who have trusted in Him will hallow His name forever.


What timeless lessons does Isaiah 29 have for every generation? How do we share the same
heart sins as they did? What does religious formalism look like today and how can it affect our
individual walk with Christ as well as the corporate mission of Christ? What is the significance of
the fact that so many medical remedies must hurt the body in order to heal it? How does that
ring true in our spiritual lives as well? Consider the idea that Isaiah 29:13 might be one of the
most important verses in the Bible on worship. What must happen if we discover that our hearts
are far from God?