One of the most important lessons we can learn from Isaiah is that true security and peace do not come from our pursuit of them. Security is not gained through human effort or the manipulation of our circumstances. We deceive ourselves to think that we can manipulate our circumstances in this world and be assured of life in the next. The justice and righteousness of our King Jesus ushers in for those who have trusted in Him things like security, peace, and a trustworthiness that will never fail.

Reflection | How does the tendency toward selfishness create corruption in our society and throughout various levels of government? How is it only by the power of the Holy Spirit that such corruption can ever finally be removed? How do verses 1-8 give us a vision for a new kind of society? How do verses 15-20 distinguish between life in the Spirit and life in the flesh and how those two things can occupy the same space? For example, how does it help us understand how the spiritual church is suppose dot interact with the physical society in which it is located? How does it help us distinguish between being a citizen of a nation and a citizen of the kingdom? How does complacency affect our mission and our ability to grow in grace? What steps can you take to rid yourself of selfishness and the complacency that comes from it? Take a moment to think through the differences between complacency and contentment?