Isaiah saw Him coming, the One who would be God’s answer for sinners like us. He saw Jesus, the Wonderful Counselor who would come with wisdom, purpose, and a perfect plan. We should follow Him. He saw the Almighty God who is able to accomplish all of His purposes. Even when the devil threw everything he had at Jesus, he couldn’t stop God’s plan of salvation through Christ. We should hide behind Him. He saw the Everlasting Father who would prove that He loves us unconditionally and endlessly. We should enjoy Him. He saw the Prince of Peace who reconciles us even while we are still His enemies. We should trust Him.

For further consideration: Write your own ideal character list, a few phrases or statements that describe the person you hope to be. For example, I want to be a peacemaker in my family, I want t be a loving presence, or I want to be a person who prioritizes people over projects. What steps do you need to take to become these things? Try to set aside some time for self-reflection and confession. As you enjoy the presence of God, consider areas where you lack peace with God, maybe in habits of thought or behavior, relationships, or circumstances. In the evening, consider two questions: In what ways did I experience peace with God and others? In what ways did I fail to experience peace with God and others?