If we discover that we have placed our trust in something other than the finished work of Christ and His cross, then we need to do what Hezekiah and his leaders did. We need to repent of the sin of misplaced trust and commit or recommit to following Christ and trusting Him. Don’t believe the lies of the enemy. Christ loved you enough to give His life for you. You are bought with His blood and protected by His blood. Live in obedience to the commands of Christ and rest in the assurance of your salvation and deliverance.

Reflection What do you think was the overall goal of the Assyrian spokesman? How did he position himself to be intimidating? How does sin intimidate us? What recourse do we have when sin positions itself close enough to make us think we are doomed? Read James 1:12-16. How are we tempted? Where does this temptation come from? Now, read James 1:17-18 and consider the remedy for temptation and intimidation. How does Jesus’ conversation with Stan in Matthew 4 reflect the real life use of the remedy offered by James? Do you think that people living in open defiance of God’s command deserve the assurance of their salvation? What inherent problems would it create for people who are living in rebellion to Christ to be affirmed in their salvation?