So often, we hear about Jesus and we immediately begin figuring out how to do religion on our terms. We start thinking about what we will have to give up. We equate what Christ has done with joining a church and trying to engage a group of people with whom we have nothing in common. Instead of doing all that, as we consider what Christ has done for us, would we be willing to offer a simple and singular word back to him? Would we simply sit before him and say, “Thanks?”

For further consideration:

Take some time to consider the blessings, burdens, and benefits that God has brought into your life and find a way to express your gratitude for each one. How will you respond in more than just words to the goodness of God. What changes in your life or your disposition should be made in order to more accurately express gratitude? Are there actions that other see or words that other shear that indicate a dissatisfaction with what God has brought into your life? What new God-honoring traditions can you start with your family this year?