We need to stop being enamored with human glory. We need to see what Jesus has accomplished in His death, burial, and resurrection. In the end, that is all that will be left, that is all to which we will be able to turn. Pride has led to the destruction of men and nations. God will not share His glory with anyone or anything. In the end, the Lord Jesus alone will be exalted.

What are some “high places” that compete for the glory of God in your life? What takes the place of God in your life? How do you react when a fellow Christian points out a potential idolatrous blind spot in your life? Is it possible that the kingdom of God is not limited to just a future millennial rule and reign of Christ on earth? If there is a spiritual aspect to the kingdom of the kingdom of God now (and I believe there is), where is that spiritual aspect lived out and how should its presence now facilitate our priorities? How should the words of Is. 2:3 affect our view and practice of mission? Take some time to reflect on Rev. 22:17 and what that verse means for the church today. The gospel calls us to run to Christ, which means that we are to run from other things. Using Isaiah 2:6-9, consider what those other things (if any) might be for you.