Church life can be difficult. Relationships can get strained because the church is made up of people. But when we focus on the things that matter most, and when we understand that Jesus is the owner and that he sets the agenda, then life in the faith community can be encouraging, uplifting, and very rewarding as we see the will of God done in our lives and as we see the kingdom of God advanced in our city through us.

For further consideration: As we live life in the community of faith, we should keep several things in mind. We are to consider the examples of godly leaders and not discount them. We should respond to the gospel with a desire to embrace sound doctrine. We should be mindful of others and be willing to express gratitude for being able to meet their needs or for having our needs met. We should consider the impact of our responses to leadership and whether or not our responses advance the kingdom or detract from it. With that in mind, are there any changes in your current schedule that you can consider that will help you be more invested in the faith community? Are there things that you can simplify in your life that will let you be more generous to others? What are the things that seem to rob your affections for Christ and keep you from being grateful?