Our great High Priest does not just point us down certain paths. He doesn’t just inspire us with
stories from the past. He doesn’t just meet with us on Sundays to give us the game plan for the
week. He is right there walking down the path with us. He is right there inspiring us in our own
stories. He is right there every day of the week, helping us and strengthening us in aspect of life.
If we would let Him. If we would trust Him. If we would hold fast to Him. After all, He paid our

For further consideration:

Look back at the truths and claims the author makes about Jesus in Hebrews 2. Think about how
they complement and support the truths and claims made in 4:14-16. What three characteristics
does Hebrews 4:14 ascribe to Jesus and how are these attributes intended to help us hold fast to
our confession? What is our most basic confession of faith? How does that confession inform our
personal decision making, our attitude towards others, and our willingness to seriously consider
our role in the mission of Christ? Why is it so important that we know that Jesus can sympathize
with sinners? What is the difference between temptation and sin? Why are only Christians able
to come boldly to the throne of grace? Why are Christians sometimes apprehensive to take
advantage of the invitation to approach God?

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