Just as Moses delivered the people of Israel from Egypt to receive God’s Word at Sinai, so Jesus
has delivered his people from death in order to inscribe his law on their hearts. Truly, there is no
prophet like him. And for that reason, in a world filled with competing prophets, we must listen
to him above all others because only those who hear, believe, and obey the words of Jesus will
be saved.


Take some time to read through the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7. As you read, consider
how Jesus reflects a prophetic voice in helping people hear God’s Word the way it was meant to
be heard. Jesus as Prophet provides clarity to the Word of God. Jesus remains with us through
the presence of the Holy Spirit. How can a prophetic word from Him today help bring clarity to
His Word in your daily devotional life? How would you distinguish salvific obedience to the
commands of Christ from sanctifying commands of Christ? What can you do this Advent season
to demonstrate obedience to Christ’s commands with regard to the great Commandment and
the Great Commission?

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