Isaiah predicts that the gospel will spread from Jerusalem to the ends of the earth. Isaiah promises that the final triumph of the gospel will be a multitude of the redeemed from every nation on earth. This multitude will eternally worship God in the new heavens and the new earth. The terror of an eternal hell will be visible, constantly reminding us of God’s extravagant grace freely extended to those who will place their trust in Christ.

Why is it important to have some idea of the historical context of the prophet who speaks the word of the Lord to the people? Why is it important to try to understand the message of the prophet to the original audience first, before trying to find application in our world and in our context? Isaiah expands the basic theological premise of “God controls everything.” While that core concept is true, Isaiah visits and revisits themes that call his hearers to trust the Holy One who rules all the world. Take a moment to consider these three themes individually and think about the impact that each should have on us: 1) Trust the Holy One, 2) who rules, 3) all the world.