Too often we fail to put on the armor of God, opting instead for the armor of anonymity in social media. We want to fight our battles with our words in the courts of public opinion rather than kneeling before God and crying out to him in an attitude of faith and repentance. If the people of God want the world to see what the people of God can do, we will fail every time. But if the people of God want the world to see what God can do, then we may just change the world.


How does this chapter show God’s zeal for His own glory? How would it affect our lives if we lived more consistently for God’s glory rather than for human causes or themes? What would have to change in our thinking in order for us to live for the glory of God. Why is it important to think of our salvation in terms of God’s glory? How do the boasts of Sennacherib reveal the worship of self? What are some ways that pride causes us to think more highly of ourselves than we ought