In Revelation 2-3, Jesus warned the church about getting complacent in their mission and in their pursuit of holiness. Believers are to set the example of what it looks like to mourn our sin and fully trust in Christ. We are to listen to the convicting voice of the Spirit within us rather than the convincing voices of the world around us. The world convinces us that our truth, our morality, our choices are fine for now, because now is all there is. The Spirit convicts us that God’s truth, God’s character, and God’s holiness are necessary for now, because eternity is what really matters.


In our fun-loving age, so saturated with ways to please our senses, how is the message of Isaiah 22 (When God calls you to mourn for sin, don’t party instead!) a particularly needed one? Why is it hard for us to accept this message? How does James 4:9 support this message for New Testament believers? What is the significance of Paul quoting Isaiah 22 in 1 Corinthians 15:32? How do we share the gospel with people who are living for earthly pleasures? What does this chapter show about the nature of the sinful human heart, especially in the faithless preparations and celebrations of a supposed spiritual life? What are some ways that we can go deeper in repentance when the Spirit convicts us of son? Read Psalm 139:23-24 and take some time to allow God to do what you are asking Him to do through that psalm.