Romans 2:4 tell us that it is the kindness of God that leads us to repentance. We usually take
offense to someone who tells us we are wicked. We don’t want to hear it. But God knows that
until we are confronted with our sin, we will never feel the need to have it removed. We will
settle for the rubble and debris and refuse to let God build something beautiful in us. We must
choose to either exalt God or self, to choose life or death. Jesus said to die to self and choose life
in Him.

The opening verses of Isaiah 3 mentions pillars of societal structure that are necessary for society
to function well. Who are some of the people in our culture who by their position and area of
responsibility could be seen as a common grace towards us all? Systemic structures in society are
not in and of themselves salvific, but they are ordained by God to provide order. How does
removing them reveal the judgment of God? How does the sin of pride affect your walk with
Christ? What changes do you need to make in either attitude or action that would demonstrate
a willful repentance of pride? How does vanity affect your walk with Christ? How does it
potentially interfere with the mission of Christ in your life? What needs to change so that you can
be used more effectively or the glory of the kingdom? Why is it important for us to live our lives
here as strangers and pilgrims?