Isaiah answers for us the burning question, “How can sinners like us be redeemed with justice and be seen as perfectly righteous in God’s sight? In Christ alone, even though our sins are like scarlet they will be white as snow and as pure as wool. In Christ alone, God chooses to make wicked sinners like us righteous in His sight. Through Christ’s death on the cross, those who are penitent will be redeemed with justice. Isaiah was written seven centuries before the first coming of Christ, yet it begs for Jesus to come and make His salvation a reality.

How might the fact that God, the only perfect Father, has raised rebellious children be a comfort to believing parents of rebellious children? What sin patterns found in Isaiah 1 are still evident in our day? Do you still consider those sin patterns to be a reflection of partisan politics or could they possibly be a reflection of how the church engages partisan politics? Do you view the church as empty religion, and if so, what does that say about your belief in Christ’s promise that He will build His church? Why do you think God judges religious formalism that is void of faith? According to verses 16-17, what does repentance look like? Do you think that we should apply the blessings and curses of God’s promises and warnings in this chapter to a nation, or do you think it is more applicable to the church? How will your answer to that question develop your view of church and state, God’s kingdom and the kingdom of men?