The central lesson of Isaiah 7 is this one question: In what are you trusting? The various trials and crises of your life will reveal the true answer to this question, and it’s not always flattering. As you face trials associated financial struggles, health problems, or relationship issues, does your heart flutter and does the crisis shake you, or do you have a growing stability in faith in Christ? The ultimate trial we all will face is judgment day. What we rely on now for the lesser trials is related directly to what we will be trusting in for the salvation of our souls.

How do our reactions to lesser trials reveal what we are really trusting in? How does the image of a tree shaken by the wind capture well the life of someone who has no faith in Christ? How does it capture at times the immaturity of some believers during some of the trials they face? What are some things that have shaken you to your core and how have you learned to trust God more through those experiences? Consider Isaiah 7:9 and think about the implications of the statement, “If you will not believe, surely you shall not be established.” Since prophecy in this case is fulfilled in the future, what does that tell you about God’s sovereignty and providence? Does the word Immanuel and the fulfillment of that word in in the incarnation of Christ comfort you? Do your spheres of influence see you trusting in God in times of crisis?