We meditate on the greatness of God to be reminded that in his goodness, he provides renewing strength to his weak, weary, and dejected people. Faith comes by hearing. But faith is strengthened by hearing again. We are tempted to think that our suffering is hidden from God or that it escapes his notice. But it does not. Strength comes to those who will trust God and wait on Him.


How would meditating on God’s amazing attributes help you in times of suffering? How does this chapter point directly to the cross of Jesus Christ as the atonement for our sins? How did John the Baptist fulfill the predictions of Isaiah 40:3-5? How can preachers of the gospel seek to level mountains and raise valleys now? How is the glory of the Lord revealed in the restoration of the Jews to the promised land after Babylon? How is it more clearly revealed in the person and work of Jesus Christ? How do verses 6-8 exalt the greatness of God’s eternal word? How is Isaiah 40:9, “Behold your God!” the centerpiece of the entire chapter? What do you need to do with this chapter to be reminded of the goodness of God in situations that do not go your way or in those times when you don’t feel like God is paying attention?