Revelation 5:9 reminds us that God has called kingdom people “out of every tribe and tongue and people and nation.” Not only does God cross geo-political and cultural lines when it comes to His kingdom, but the verse implies that He also crosses generational lines. Every generation of believers from every nation that has ever existed will stand in the fullness of the glory of God and sing a new song.

The kingdom will be diverse and as I sat listening to the Judson College Choir during our midweek worship service, I realized just how grateful we should be for the diversity of worship that has spanned every generation of the church. One might not be a fan of what I would call “high church” choral music, but when heard in the right spirit and with the right heart, the images that are created in the mind can be overwhelmingly worshipful.

I could see the church as the Bride of Christ being escorted to the marriage festival during Bach’s “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desire.” The Judson College choir sang Scripture in pieces based on Psalm 46 and Isaiah 6. They presented the gospel in a song called “Hope in Me,” and reminded us that the gospel sustains us through a song that said, “He’s never failed me.” I think that every key on the piano was played at some point during the piano solo of “My Tribute,” a song that reminds us that there are not enough words in our vocabulary to express our gratitude for what God has done for us in the finished work of Christ on the cross and is doing for us through the ongoing presence of His Spirit.

Revelation 4 and 5 remind us that worship in heaven is full surrender to and praise for the glory of God. Just as the elders in heaven cast their crowns before the throne (Rev. 4:10), we were led to do the same in our worship service.

I am grateful for the diversity of music that Parkview has been exposed to in 2017. This year alone we have welcomed contemporary Christian artist, Grant Norsworthy, bluegrass style music from Jason Lovins, and now classical church music from the Judson College Choir and Faith Ensemble. There really is something for everyone, especially when we realize that all of it is a rehearsal for that day when we will stand in the glorious presence of our Creator and sing a new song.

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