Church Business - July 29, 2020

by Mike Tatem

Our church meets four times every year to review various reports and affirm the work of our committees and ministry teams. But we are living in unusual times. Because of Covid-19, we are unable to gather on our campuses in large groups. Our quarterly business meeting would have been scheduled for Wednesday, July 29, 2020, but with social distancing restrictions, we realize it will not be possible to conduct business as usual.


We do, however, want to keep our church family informed and allow the opportunity for feedback concerning where the church has been, where we are, and where we believe we are going. Our business meetings have traditionally been a brief time of business where we recognize and celebrate what God is doing in and through His church called Parkview.


Prior to every business meeting, we release a packet of reports that include ministry updates, minutes from previous meetings, a membership report, financial statements, and various staff and committee recommendations that our bylaws require our church to affirm. Even though we cannot meet to conduct actual business, we can still provide this packet of reports to our church family. Anything that needs to be officially approved by the church family will be done at the next scheduled business meeting, whenever the social distancing restrictions are relaxed enough for us to assemble together as a church on our campuses.


You can download the pastor's report, the worship ministry report, and the next gen reports here. The clerk's (membership) report, financial reports, and minutes of the previous meeting are available to church members upon request. Please stop by the church office to pick up the entire packet, call the church office so that we can mail you a copy, or email the church office and we will email you the entire packet.


Thank you for your patience and your prayers as we continue to navigate the challenges of keeping our church family safe and connected. 



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