What is 20schemes?

At 20schemes, the desire is to see Scotland's housing schemes transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ through the revitalisation of gospel-preaching churches, ultimately led by a future generation of indigenous church leaders. They believe that building healthy, gospel preaching churches in Scotland's poorest communities will bring true renewal to Scotland's schemes.

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Why Scotland?

The schemes are strong and vibrant Scottish communities with a rich history, but are often hit hard by complex social problems. They also happen to be the places least likely to have a gospel church or indigenous Christians.


For such a little nation, Scotland has a rich gospel heritage. However, what once was known as ‘the land of the Book’ is no longer. Today, biblical Christianity has been sidelined in Scotland. Only 2.5% of Scots would call themselves Evangelical Christians, and in Scotland’s poorest communities, the housing schemes, the picture is even bleaker!

How is Parkview involved?

In October 2021, several church leaders took a Vision Trip to Scotland. Vision Trips are five-day experiences designed to show church leaders the work being done in Scotland. Parkview is learning about the current needs in several areas with the goal of organizing a mission trip in the near future.

Ministry Leaders

JonSeth Sammons | jonseth@pbclc.com

Daniel Morris | daniel@pbclc.com