What is More Than Buildings?

We believe that reaching the next generation with the gospel of Christ is one of the most important things a church can do. Five years ago, Parkview completed a building project that now houses our Next Generation ministries and programs. The improvements that we made to our campus in 2014 have allowed us to expand our ministry influence in student and children’s ministries and overall ministry to our community. 

At that time the people of Parkview pledged to give to a five-year campaign to help pay for the project. The overall project was $3.2M. With the first year of giving we were able to pay approximately $400k for equipment, furniture and other items that were necessary to make the space usable. We signed a note for $2.875M and began making payments on that note in July 2014. 

Since that time, we have reduced the principal balance down to just over $2M. We currently use all money given to the building fund to pay down the principal of the loan. We have been blessed in our budget giving to cover the interest costs from our operating budget. What this means is that when you give to the building fund, you are paying for the concrete, steel and other materials that were used to build our Next Generations building, and our Welcome Center. It also means that once we get our loan paid off, we will have an additional $100k per year to spend on ministry because we will no longer be paying interest on our loan.

In July 2019, our loan is scheduled to be assigned a new interest rate. We are working to get our principal balance as low as possible before that repricing takes place. In addition to using surplus operating dollars to pay down our loan, we are asking our church family to commit to giving to a new three-year campaign called More than Buildings. We are trusting that we can generate $1.5M in donations over the next three years and have the entire loan paid off before the ten-year maturation date. 

Would you commit to praying with us? Would you commit to making an ongoing commitment over the next three years to give intentionally to our building fund?

If you would like to make a 3 year commitment, you can fill out this form below.

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