When we are in trouble and the forces of this world seem to be overpowering us, we can call on Jesus for deliverance with the confidence of knowing that He will act on our behalf. Our hope is certain. We know Christ will rise up because Christ has already risen! Even though our pain is real, we can know with certainty that those who are in Christ will be exalted with Christ. The gospel of Jesus and the hope that comes from it provides a solid foundation for us, one that gives us strength and courage to live to by faith.

Reflection: What themes throughout this chapter give you hope and encouragement? What are some of the difficulties of your life right now that need to be entrusted to God? If Zion means God’s people on earth, then what is the word of warning to the church in verse 14? What righteous characteristics of verse 15 do you need to ask God to help you cultivate? What are some areas of hypocrisy that you need to offer to God in repentance? Do you think it is possible to see the beauty of the King now? Can we see His beauty if we have unconfessed sin in our lives? How can the titles and roles assigned to Christ in verse 22 provide an outline for sharing the gospel with others?