In between the time of rejection of God and gathering to worship Him are three stages that people usually go through. There are the dark days of separation from God when God disciplines those who have wandered off the path of faith. The good news is that every rebellious sinner can confess their sins and turn from false idols (self, money, reputation, sports, etc.) and have their sins forgiven.

Reflection: How should Isaiah 27:1 motivate us to study and master God’s Word so we can wield it as a spiritual sword in battling sin and Satan more effectively? How can we understand the great suffering our persecuted brothers and sisters are experiencing around the world in light of this chapter? Read Isaiah 5:1-7 and contrast the disappointing vineyard in that passage with successful vineyard in Isaiah 27:2-6. Why does one fail and the other succeed? Read John 15:1-8 and consider the fruit from Isaiah 27:6 that God wants to see in our lives that will “fill the face of the world.” How is idolatry still an issue for Christians now as it was for Israel in the Old Testament? How does God’s power to regather His people by a trumpet blast give us reason and motivation to worship?