Even as Isaiah tells the people that judgment is coming, he reveals that there will come a day when God will be enthusiastically worshiped. Through the finished work of Christ and His cross, God has turned away His wrath and instead has poured out salvation to those who will trust in Him. Our response is to fill our mouths with praise and gratitude. Our response is to declare to others the salvation that is freely offered by Christ.

What are you praising God for today? How hard is it for you to sing of the goodness of God? How would a daily reading of this chapter conquer complaining? Wouldn’t life be better if we could use a chapter like this to teach us the discipline of giving thanks in every circumstance of life? Does the reference to God’s anger being turned away make you uncomfortable? How does God’s anger being turned away relate to the concept of propitiation? Ultimately where does that propitiation take place? What is the connection between joyful worship and evangelism and missions? How does praising God fit well in a gospel conversation? How does a life that doesn’t glorify God undermine or even obstruct gospel conversations?