We should bask in the electing love of God, that God has both created us and redeemed us for his glory. We should feel the intense power of God’s cry, “I have called you by your name; you are mine!” We should humbly realize that nothing within us compelled God to choose us; it was merely because he loved us that we are precious in his sight. We should realize that God does all of this mighty work on our behalf for his own sake, for his own glory. We were created for his glory and redeemed to praise his glory. Let’s praise His glory together and make much of Jesus!


How does Isaiah 43 display the greatness and majesty of God? How does it display the electing love of God for His people? How can this chapter provide hope and encouragement during difficult times or prolonged affliction? How can you find comfort from the words of the first verse, “I have called you by your name; you are mine”? What does verse 7 reveal about the purpose of our existence? How should that truth form the way we order our lives? Why does God tell us to forget the former things? What saving work is greater than the Red Sea crossing?