We all grow better in relationships.

Our Life Groups provide a small group environment where you can connect with other people, build friendships around God's Word, grow in your faith, and discover new ways to serve others.

Sunday Life Groups


Adult Groups (Coed/Couples)

*Median Adults | C-201

Bill Brinkley | 386.965.1103

*Senior Adults | Fellowship Hall

Bobby Clark | bc.2008@comcast.net


Senior Adult Groups

*Senior Adult Ladies | A6-3

Sandy Furches | sandyfurches@me.com

Katrina Counts | trinie58@aol.com

*Senior Adult Men | A6-1

Bob Greene | bgreene13@comcast.net



Next Generation Ministries

(Contact: Daniel Morris | daniel@pbclc.com)

*Infant-K | Preschool & Nursery Department

*Children | Grades 1-5 | Clubhouse

*Students | Grades 6-12 | Café & Warehouse


Adult Groups (Coed/Couples)

*College Singles | C-213

Martha Jo Khachigan | Mjkha@comcast.net

*Younger Adults | C-201

Chris Hornbaker | chrishornbaker@gmail.com

*Median Adults | C-200

Larry Breeden | larrybreeden11@msn.com

*Senior Adults | C-204

Donny Williams | 386.623.2484

*Ladies | C-209

Donna Beall | donnabeall@att.net


Senior Adult Groups

*Senior Adult Ladies | A6-2

Sara Joyner | joyner_b@bellsouth.net

*Senior Adult Men | A6-1

Jim Purvis | purvislkcty@comcast.net



Adult Groups (coed/couples)

*Median Adults | C-201

Lex Carswell | lexcarswell@gmail.com


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