What is the Oasis?

The Oasis is an outreach that seeks to reach out to Persian refugees through the means of ESL(English as a Second language). The goal is to teach English to the glory of God and the ability to preach the gospel in word and deed.

Why Greece?

Greece is the first stop of the refugee journey for many different ethnic groups. In a land that saw the likes of the Apostle Paul and heard the gospel resound through the region, there is great need to see that same gospel proclaimed as the nations arrive on the doorstep of Athens. 

How is Parkview involved?

The Oasis allows 1 week teams to come and experience for sitting in on ESL classes where volunteers can interact and share the love of Christ with Persian students. Parkview recently sent two Joe and Susan Crocker o attend the 1 week experience to have a vision trip of what God is doing among Persians in Athens. 

Ministry Leaders

Joe and Susan Crocker | swcrocker@hotmail.com