The Eastside Initiative reflects our desire to establish a church on the east side of our city that will be invested in and serve the surrounding area. We have been praying through the necessary changes that would maximize our presence in the community and would like to have you continue to pray with us as we make our way closer to our Eastside Launch Date.

Partnering with Our COMMUNITY

Eastside Elementary

Partnering with Eastside Elementary School to provide volunteers is a great way for those who become a part of our Eastside campus to prioritize an outward community focus. Our Eastside Campus will sponsor breakfast for the staff and help meet the needs of individual classes from time to time. Our goal is to provide the largest and most dependable volunteer base that Eastside Elementary School has ever experienced. Join us in praying for the faculty and staff of Eastside Elementary school as they invest themselves in the lives of children in our community. 


We want to be connected to the people we have been called to serve. Throughout 2018, we engaged the Eastside area through community awareness, relationship building, personal conversations and community events such as VBS, block parties, prayer walking, and fall festivals.


campus renovations

worship center

We are working on a modest renovation of our worship space, one that will retain the traditional feel of church and at the same time reflect a contemporary interior that we trust will be both theologically sound and pleasing to those who choose to worship with us.


Eastside Park

We are working to provide an outdoor space on campus for the eastside community, complete with picnic tables and an area for children to play.