"Builders for Christ" is a group serving in the mission field of church construction. Every year, we help churches in the U.S. build or renovate their buildings by providing and coordinating volunteer labor. Our construction team consists of volunteers from all walks of life. 

"On July 7, 2018, Faith Community Church was displaced from their worship space at the former Sacred Heart Church of Wheeling because of a fire. They’ve been meeting under a tent and in the community room of Riverview Towers since that time. Deacon Ray Carney donated the land and the building that will one day house Faith Community Church.  The building will have a 1st floor addition built on which will become the Sanctuary and a foyer, as well a church office.  The 2nd floor will become Sunday school rooms and two bathrooms while the 3rd floor will become a temporary shelter for abused women.

This year’s Builders for Christ mission trip to work at Faith Community Church in Wheeling, West Virginia was both challenging and fun. Most of our 40+ volunteers were involved in a myriad of projects, all to renovate a building that was deemed to be structurally sound but in various stages of decay. The rest of our volunteers formed a great team to cook meals and provide snacks for us.  Much was accomplished as skilled and unskilled workers labored together.  The comaraderie was amazing, as everyone worked together to do different kinds of repair, renovation and clean-up.

We started the week by attending the Sunday morning service at Faith Community Church under a huge tent. Ray Carney directed worship and the Director of Missions for the Upper Ohio Valley Baptist Association, Ed Goodman, preached an awesome sermon. Pastor Pete Carney, who recently underwent heart surgery, was present and spoke briefly. Each day we were inspired, motivated, and even entertained by volunteers sharing devotions.  Ray and Pastor Pete each led one of the after lunch and dinner devotions. Ray also worked side by side with our volunteers, often arriving before and staying after the workday. Much remains to be done before the church can open its doors, but members are committed to positively impacting their surrounding community for Christ." -Jane Breeden             


Eve Brinkley provided us with pictures and daily updates on their progress. 

Tuesday, June 4: "We have had great weather with a great team! Every morning we climb the hill and three flights of stairs to our designated job site. Then we go back down for the forgotten tools, and back up again. Then repeat pretty much all day. Today we put up a temporary support wall and knocked out a brick wall."

Wednesday, June 5: "Rain is predicted later this week, however, the team is still working hard and making much progress. Today we installed plumbing in the bathrooms, hung drywall, installed exterior siding, and framed exterior doors and windows. The team is planning to pour footers in the new sanctuary and fellowship hall next."

Thursday, June 6: "We are still hanging drywall, new doors, and new windows. Everything is extremely slow because the building is over 100 years old. It is very dirty work. I was covered in black dust from rubbish in the ceiling above where Larry and I were hanging drywall. At the end of the day I looked like a coal miner!"


Kenleigh Bannister; Bobby and LaNita Bishop; Larry and Jane Breeden; Bill and Eve Brinkley; Joe and Susan Crocker; Vivian Douberly; Mark, Christine, and Kaitlyn Ficken; Lisa, Elizabeth, and Grace Gould-Kinney; Ted and April Janson; Candy Kaswinkle; Garland and Sharon Kirby; Chris, Brooke, Kye and Briley Knowles; Walter and Michelle Lee; Ivorie Maltby; Mark and Pat Nodes; Lonnie, Gaye, and Casey Pippins; Jack Salva; Roy and Anita Sherrer; David, Jan, and Virginia Smith; Charles and Geraldine Snipes