Thank you for your interest in serving in the Parkview Care Ministry. In order to be effective, this ministry needs church-wide participation and cooperation. When everyone is willing to help, then no one gets overburdened. 


There are a couple of different teams that mobilize when needs arise. We have volunteers for each team, so we work on a rotating basis as much as schedules allow. 


Housekeeping: Light bulbs may need to be changed, bathrooms cleaned, vacuuming, mopping, laundry, etc.

Meals: Providing meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  This may also include preparing meals to be frozen and kept at the church to use as backups or in emergency situations.

Maintenance and Repairs: Small home repairs, lawn maintenance, and other home maintenance – Mowing, small roof repairs, building a ramp, pulling weeds, fix a leaky faucet, etc.

Transportation: Transporting to doctor, church, grocery store, etc.

Sitter Care: Provide relief for existing caregivers, shut-in visitation, etc.

Guidance Care: Assistance with setting up outside care (such as home healthcare, Senior Services, etc.) Assistance with general tasks, scheduling appointments, paying bills, etc.

Assessments: Assessing needs of the individual(s), assisting in forming a plan of care, etc. ( a background in medical care, social work, etc. is preferred)


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Sharon Kirby | | 386.752.3286